Oral b Pro 1000 vs 2000 vs 3000 – Which One Is Better?

For most of the people, electric toothbrush is an essential and possibly the most valuable item in the bathroom. As we all know, Oral-B is one of the most famous manufacturers of electric toothbrushes, and therefore, this brand offers lots of options.

However, the top three choices are usually the Oral b Pro 1000 vs 2000 vs 3000 models. Since these toothbrushes are quite good, in their own ways, they all can be a great and suitable asset in your bathroom.

But, we are here today to discuss the main differences and relations about these three Oral-B Pro models. In other words, you will get the proper information about these toothbrushes and decide which one will suit your needs to the fullest.

Let’s begin.

Oral b Pro 1000 vs 2000 vs 3000 – Comparison

FeaturesOral b Pro 1000Oral b Pro 2000Oral b Pro 3000
Number of modes1 mode – daily clean2 modes – daily clean and gum care3 modes – daily clean, gum care, and sensitive mode
Special Features
Pressure sensor; In-handle timer; ergonomically designed handle; 3D cleaning action removes 300% more plaque
Pressure sensor; professional timer; stain removal action; lots of indicators equippedPressure control; professional timer; Bluetooth technology; Cross action; Floss action
Most excelling fieldPlaque removalGum protect and whiteningGreat care and protection of sensitive teeth
Overall value9/109/109.5/10
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Oral b Pro 1000, 2000, 3000 – Review

In order to get the best insight in these toothbrushes, we will first review every single one of them. This way, you will get familiar with the features, specifications, and other important things.

Oral b Pro 1000

 Oral-b-Pro-1000Let’s start with the Oral b Pro 1000. Here we have one of the most convenient and possibly the best electric toothbrush on the market. With the ability to remove 300% more plaque than any other manual toothbrush, it is safe to say that this one is quite good and valuable.

Anyhow, this toothbrush is clinically tested and proven to be among the very best of electric toothbrushes. Namely, the superior 3D cleaning action will provide perfect dental care and hygiene.

Also, this toothbrush is excelling in the field of performance since it is capable of oscillating, rotating, and pulsating in order to break and remove plaque. Besides that, this one is actually quite good at removing other debris from your mouth and teeth as well.

Next, this toothbrush is rechargeable which makes it pretty easy to use since you don’t have to worry about battery life. Also, there is an amazing pressure sensor which will adjust the pressure on your gums if you are brushing too hard.

To top this all off, there is an in-handle timer which will pulse every 30 seconds in order to let you know when to switch brushing areas in your mouth. I recommend getting this one if you are a bit day dreamer like I am.

Pros and highlights: 

  • Clinically proven 3D Cleaning Action removes 300% more plaque and other debris
  • Easy to store, recharge, and use. Maintaining is also piece of cake
  • Pressure sensor equipped for best brushing experience
  • In-handle timer for precise brushing time
  • Ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort

Cons and potential flaws: 

  • This toothbrush has only one speed and only one mode
  • Needs a little bit more time to charge

Oral b Pro 2000

Oral-b-Pro-2000The second Oral b Pro toothbrush comes from a line of 2000 model and it is magnificent. Simply speaking, this amazing electric toothbrush is equipped with some special features that will provide excellent dental hygiene and health in general.

Now, there is a special pressure control feature which will protect your gums in case you brush a bit too hard. In other words, the brushing speed will be reduced and you will be alerted if you are brushing too hard. All of this just in order to provide the best dental care.

Next, the surface stain removal is also something that this toothbrush is excelling at. Namely, the ability to gently whiten your teeth, this toothbrush will remove all the nasty stains from coffee or other stain-leave foods.

Anyway, you will be amazed to know that there is also a professional timer that will let you know when your brushing is over. The 2 minute timer will go off and alert you to stop brushing.

All in all, this is one fine toothbrush with lots of benefits to offer. Also, I recommend that you take into consideration this toothbrush if you want to whiten your teeth and still have perfect dental health.

Pros and highlights:

  • Provides healthier gums in just 30 days
  • Gum protection control reduces pressure
  • Great for teeth whitening and stain removal
  • Equipped with 2 brushing modes and professional timer
  • Easy to use and maintain

Cons and potential flaws: 

  • The battery is not that durable, lasts only for 3 days
  • Takes a lot of time to recharge

Oral b Pro 3000

Oral-b-Pro-3000Now it is time to review the Oral b Pro 3000 toothbrush. As you can notice, Oral b Pro 1000 and 2000 are great in their own ways, but Oral b Pro 3000 is possibly the best of them. Anyhow, let’s get to it and discuss everything that you need to know about this toothbrush.

First, there is a Bluetooth technology equipped that will allow you to personalize the brushing routines just for your self. With this kind of option, you will be able to have the best brushing experience with this toothbrush.

Second, there is a brushing timer that is built in the handle which will alert you every 30 seconds so you can change the brushing area. This is one of the best and definitely the most convenient things since it provides the perfect dental care.

Next, the 3 mode brushing system will provide the best dental hygiene. The daily clean with pressure sensor will take care of the plaque and other debris. The second mode, gum care, will massage your gums which will provide great care. And the third mode, sensitive mode, will come quite handy for those with the sensitive teeth and gums.

All in all, this toothbrush will take good care of your teeth and your dental hygiene in general. Also, this toothbrush is compatible with every Oral b head and it has pretty good and long battery life.

Pros and highlights:

  • Bluetooth technology equipped for personalized brushing
  • 3 different modes for best dental health
  • Built timer for alerting when to change the area of brushing
  • Great for sensitive teeth and their protection
  • Compatible with every Oral b toothbrush head

Cons and potential flaws:

  • The alert sound is a bit annoying
  • Needs often recharging

Detailed Comparison – Accurate and Precise Relations and Differences

Now, we will talk about some of the most important relations and differences when it comes to Oral b Pro 1000 vs 2000 vs 3000 toothbrushes. This way, you will surely get the best picture and therefore, you can choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Oral b Pro 1000 vs 2000

As we all know, Oral b Pro 1000 and 2000 are excellent toothbrushes, but, they are not the same. Anyhow, the Oral b Pro 1000 is made to provide the best plaque removal, while Oral b Pro 2000 is excelling in the field of gum protection.  Let’s see more about Oral b Pro 1000 vs 2000.

Next, the number of modes is also different. Simply, Oral b 1000 has only one brushing mode equipped and that is daily clean. On the other hand, Oral b Pro 2000 is equipped with Gum care mode and daily mode as well. I suggest that you get the Oral b Pro 2000 if you have sensitive gums, otherwise, the Oral b Pro 1000 would do the job perfectly as well.

As for the battery, they both have similar battery life and they both need to be recharged approximately in the same time. Their batteries are not that durable after all and they often need to be recharged after only 3-4 days.

Another thing that tells a lot about these two toothbrushes is the built-in timer and pressure control. They both are great when it comes to alerting you to switch the brushing areas. Also, the gum pressure control will protect your gums in the best possible way.

All in all, we can conclude that Oral B Pro 2000 is a bit better since it has some extra features and one additional mode. But, Oral b Pro 2000 is a bit more oriented towards the gum protection rather than overall dental protection like Oral b Pro 1000.

Oral b Pro 2000 vs 3000

Now, it is a little bit different between Oral b Pro 2000 vs 3000. Both of these toothbrushes are quite good and valuable. Also, they provide perfect dental hygiene and teeth protection. So, what are the differences?

Well, for starters, Oral b Pro 3000 is equipped with the Bluetooth technology that will allow you to personalize your brushing experience. On the other hand, there is no such thing in Oral b Pro 2000. So, with Oral b Pro 3000 you will be able to achieve a bit more when it comes to brushing and keeping your teeth healthy.

Anyway, when it comes to battery life and durability, we can say that Oral b Pro 3000 is quite better. Namely, the battery last longer and it doesn’t need to be recharged that often. But, with the Oral b Pro 2000, the battery is not that durable and needs recharging often.

As for similarities, they are both equipped with pressure sensor and professional timers. So, there aren’t any differences when it comes to those two things.

Another thing is important as well, the number of modes. Simply speaking, Oral b Pro 2000 only has 2 different modes, one for daily brush, and other one for gum care. But, when it comes to the Oral b Pro 3000, there is one additional mode, the sensitive mode which is super convenient for those with sensitive teeth.

However, it really is up to you to decide which one is better because they are both good on their own ways. Oral b Pro 2000 is perfect when it comes to gum protect and care. On the other hand, the Oral b Pro 3000 is made for sensitive teeth and those who need whitening.

As we already listed in the table, there are some differences in special features as well. With the Oral b Pro 3000, there are extra features which are quite good and helpful when it comes to maintaining perfect oral health.

All in all, I recommend getting Oral b Pro 3000 if you are looking for something good in general. Otherwise, I suggest getting Oral b Pro 2000 if there are some problems with your gums or any other part around the teeth.

Oral b Pro 1000 vs 3000

As we already reviewed both of these toothbrushes, it is time to compare them. Now, the first thing that catches the eye about these two models is the design. If you look at Oral b Pro 3000, you can conclude that that is the upgraded version of 1000. Let’s see every about Oral b Pro 1000 vs 3000.

They both have pressure sensors, but Oral b Pro 3000 has the visible one. There is a convenient red indicator that will alert you when the pressure control is on. There is no such thing in Oral b Pro 1000.

Next, the Bluetooth technology that Oral b Pro 3000 has is just simply out of the league for Oral b Pro 1000. You can definitely find it very useful and convenient to have your brushing time be personalized just for you.

As for the things that are similar, well, there aren’t many of them. They both have daily modes, but Oral b Pro 3000 has two additional modes for better brushing experiences.

The only thing that Oral b Pro 1000 is actually better at is the plaque removal. With this toothbrush, it is guaranteed to get 300% more plaque removal. That is something that Oral b Pro 3000 can’t do. 

Simply speaking, the Oral b Pro 3000 is just way better when it comes to overall dental hygiene and health. But, that doesn’t have to mean that Oral b Pro 1000 is not valuable and worth the money. It simply means that Oral b Pro 3000 is great.

The only thing that is a bit of ‘’deal breaker’’ when it comes to Oral b Pro 3000 is the price. Namely, Oral b Pro 1000 is way more affordable and it costs less, and therefore, people usually choose this model.

But, if you don’t mind paying a top dollar on an electric toothbrush, which I strongly recommend, the best choice here should be Oral b Pro 3000.

In conclusion, Oral b Pro 1000 is a good toothbrush with lots of things to offer, especially plaque removal. On the other hand, Oral b Pro 3000 is better in every field and it costs more because of that.

Overall value – Oral b Pro 1000 vs 2000 vs 3000

Now, to summarize things up, these Oral b Pro models are great in their own ways and they all hold pretty good value for the cash. It mostly is up to you to decide which one to get, but, we will once again provide the full insight about these models.

Oral b Pro 1000

  • Great for plaque removal
  • Has great features that boosts every brushing
  • It is convenient and provides great care of teeth
  • Battery isn’t that durable and it needs charging often

Oral b Pro 2000

  • Great for sensitive gums
  • Has a few more extra features than Oral b Pro 1000
  • Provides great care for your dental health in general
  • Battery is a bit better than Oral b Pro 1000, but still not that durable

Oral b Pro 3000 

  • Great for sensitive teeth and whitening
  • Has much better special features than both Oral b Pro 1000 and 2000
  • Ensures great dental care and awesome oral health in general
  • Battery is durable and it doesn’t need recharging that often

All in all, if I had to pick one of these, I would go with Oral b Pro 3000 since it is definitely better than both of these models. The only downside is that it costs a little bit more, but on the other hand, paying a bit more for ensuring that your dental health is in the best possible light is more than understandable.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that everything about these three toothbrushes is good and valuable. There are differences and similarities between these three models and that is something that makes the truly great.

They all have some special features of their own which help them excel in some field. So, it is only up to you to decide which one to get. I recommend that you get the one that will suit you and your preferences.

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