Oral B 7000 vs 8000: Which One is the Best?

If you ever feel that you need to upgrade your brushing experience with the combination of technology; you can look deeply into the market of thousands of electric brushes. In such case, it might be quite difficult for you to choose the right electric brushes. But I can suggest you go for Oral-B series that have the high-end technology which will not only enhance your shaving brushes but also take care of your teeth very well.

Today, we will take a look at 2 of the Oral-B series which are Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries and Oral-B 8000 Genius Pro. Not only that, we will have a comparison to pick the best one for you; so it is going to be Oral B 7000 vs Oral B 8000. Hope you stay with me so we can find out what would be the best electric brush for you.

Oral B 7000 vs 8000 – Comparison Table

FeaturesOral B 7000Oral B 8000
Cleaning modes6 - Visible Pressure Sensor mode, Whitening Mode, Deep Clean mode, Gum Care Mode, Sensitive Mode and Tongue Clean Mode6 - Daily Clean mode, Gum Care, Sensitive Mode, Whitening mode, Pro-Clean mode and Tongue Clean mode
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
Pressure SensorYesYes
Battery lifeUp to 10 daysUp to 12 days
Brushing ConcentrationPlaque RemovalWorking on each tooth thoroughly
Position Detecting SystemSmart GuideAdvanced Position Detection System
Price Check Price Check Price

Oral-B SmartSeries 7000 Electric Toothbrush Review

Oral-B-SmartSeries-7000If you ever think of an electric brush that would be dedicated to working to remove your plaques around your gum line; Oral-B 7000 stays at the forefront in the market. This classy shaped electric brush can focus on your important areas especially the gum line, where it works on with its cross action brush heads to remove your plaques in a proper manner.

I genuinely loved the design of this toothbrush because it has an ergonomic design; helps me to grab strongly so that I can focus properly on important areas efficiently. As I have tested, one of the major components of the design is silicon and that is the reason I can grab it ergonomically.

This electric brush works on 3D oscillating rotation mode that causes 40,000 oscillations per minute. This rotation works efficient brush on teeth where any food junk will never be able to hide from it.

What I was amazed at this brush is it bristles are quite preset to 16 degrees in which you can brush and focus on every tooth of your mouth. That means this angle lets the bristles to work on the tooth after tooth by sequence.

It gets better:

When the Brush works extremely fine with the reinforcement of Oral-B app which I have become a fan of. This cool brush app does it with 4 extra features with 6 modes. You would be surprised as the features motivate your brushing experience with daily brushing facts, weather updates, various tips on effective brushing and plus recommendations from world class dentists. Moreover, this brush will notify you how long you are focusing on a specific area of your teeth. Even the time of your focus will be shown in the app and I loved it very much. The brush even can sense and alert you if you are over-brushing too much in a particular area just to make sure of your oral care.

And the best part?

This electric brush works on 6 different modes to enhance brushing experience. These modes are Visible Pressure Sensor, Whitening Mode, Gum Care Mode, Deep Clean Mode, Sensitive Mode and Tongue Clean Mode. You can choose whatever the mode you want at any time and enjoy!

Oral-B 7000 toothbrush has the battery life of 40 minutes which can give you 2 minutes of brushing daily twice and you can go for 10 days on it. The Nickel Cadmium battery lets you work on 110 volts for which you just give it 8 to 10 hours of charge for 10 days.

Although Oral-B 7000 does not include any smartphone, it is quite amazing and gives you the best brushing experience with its gum removal and tooth-by-tooth technology.

So let’s see the key features here:

  • Efficient and ergonomic design shape, let’s you grab smoothly and focus on important areas.
  • 3D oscillation rotation with 40,000 oscillations per minute.
  • Comes with a smart guide device to show where you are brushing.
  • Brush heads with strong bristles leaned at 16 degrees to concentrate and remove 100% more of plaque.
  • 4 different supporting features to motivate, giving weather updates and giving oral tips.
  • 6 Brushing Modes.
  • Battery life of 40 minutes at 8-10 hours of charge for 10 days.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Oral-B-Genius-Pro-8000-Electric-ToothbrushOf all the recent electric brushes I have tested recently, the Oral-B 8000 has been a phenomenon. Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 with advanced position detection technology helps you brush on your every tooth on the mouth and leaves no place unworked on. This brush has the revolutionary technique to use facial recognition to notify you about your brushing habits.

If you do not like the curvy ergonomic design on 7000, then this brush is for you. The brush has the shape of a cylinder in which the grip part as well the bottom side of the brush is entirely covered up with rubber. This gives me comfort and sustainability while going for brushing in the morning.

As I was talking, the advanced position detection technology lets you see everything in your brushing zone. In such case, you can easily brush on the spots which were left unnoticed and you can have a full; thorough brush before going out.

This brush works around the gum line more than any other electric brush; as well as it literally focuses ongoing in every zone including every tooth; maintaining tooth-by-tooth brushing technique.

But here’s something else:

I was very surprised while using the 360-degree SmartRing system. This system focuses on giving you updates about your pressure condition and brushing timing. Because of that, you can estimate where you are brushing too much and where you should now. That can let you to never miss any brushing spot.

Like the 7000 series, it also contains cross action toothbrush heads; giving you more output to remove your plaques on your gum line as well as it works so much to focus on every tooth to bring out food junk. And also, I have seen the bristles set up to 16 degrees which lets the bristles go thoroughly on every skinny spot on your tooth.

And the best part?

It was really amazing for me to use the Triple Pressure Sensor System. This technology lets me know where I am brushing too much and instantly notifies me about it. If I keep over brushing, the SmartRing system shows and slow down the speed of brushing. If I still do not stop and brush hard; the system will stop brushing to prevent receding your gum lines.

This brush comes with 6 modes as usual like the 7000. Daily Clean, Sensitive, whitening mode, Gum Care, Tongue-Cleaning mode and Pro-Clean mode. The pressure sensor mode is not available unlike the 7000 because it already has triple pressure sensor technique.

And the battery life impressed me a lot. It has Lithium-Ion Batteries for which I can brush up to 12 days with 40 minutes of brushing in total. Not only that, you can easily have it fully charged within 5-6 hours of charge at 220-240 volts.

Forgot to mention, it also comes with a travel case in which you can charge your smartphone and brush together; even if you are on the other side of the world.

Let’s see the key features here:

  • Advanced Position Detection Technology enabling to see where you are brushing.
  • Tripe Pressure Sensor System to manipulate speed if you brush too hard.
  • Cylinder shaped designed covered with rubber for comfortable
  • Criss-cross bristles working on every tooth on the zone.
  • 360 Degree SmartRing system to update pressure, timing with options of 12 different colors.
  • 6 different mode for suitable brushing experience.
  • Battery life of 40 minutes, reaching 12 days at 5-6 hours of charge.


Similar Features of Oral-B 7000 and Oral-B 8000

Now we are about to brace ourselves because we are going to go through some comparison along with similar features and find out the most suitable one for you. I hope you would stay tuned.

There are so many similar features that Oral-B 7000 and Oral-B 8000 match. Here’s what similarities we are going to find on Oral-B 7000 vs. Oral-B 8000:

Plaque Removal techniques

Both of the brushes are designed to go through every tooth to clean them properly. The devices have bristles that are set up to 16 degrees so that no brushing zone is ever left. Not only that, both brushes are designed for pressure sensor system; though they are applied in different technology.

Brushing Modes

You will find 6 brushing modes on both electric brushes. Because of that, you will be able to enhance your brushing experience from both brushes. However, the number of brushing modes are same but in those, some modes are not available on both brushes at the same time. I will talk about that on the ‘unique features’ topic.

Performance during brushes

Both the brushes have 3D oscillating rotation features. Not only that, the brushes have the same the number of oscillations which are 40,000 per minute. These numbers are quite enough to get my teeth brushed on cleaned within 2 minutes. Both brushes comply with 10 different heads such as precision clean, cross action, kids, dual clean, ortho, power tip, sensitive, tri-zone, floss action and 3D whiteheads.

Battery life

If you would like to compare these two toothbrushes in terms of battery performance; I believe both of them will impress you. Both the high-end devices can give you 40 minutes of the cleansing brush. That means, you can do brush your teeth twice a day and can even go for 10 days on average.

Upgraded supporting app

Whenever you need support in brushing unreached zones of your mouth or to know the timing and pressure condition; both of the devices will reinforce you with their supporting app. You can simply download it and connect it with Bluetooth 4.0. And the app will show you feedback on your timing, which zone you are in & where you should be and brushing time as well.

Oral B 8000 vs 7000 – Unique Features

Now let’s take a look at what unique features of Oral-B 7000 and 8000 and find out the key difference as well. Hopefully, I can say; if you are looking forward to buying any of the devices; this discussion can help you decide which to use to enhance your brushing habits. Let’s take a look at what we have on Oral-B 7000 vs. Oral-B 8000.


If you are looking for an effective grip on your brush that is going to let you focus on brushing efficiently; Oral-B 7000 is the best at this. On the contrary, if you think you would like to have comfort in your grip on the electric brush you are about to brush with; Oral-B 8000 stays at the top. Oral-B 8000 has the entire grip part and bottom side of the brush entirely covered up with rubber which will give you comfort and a relaxing grip while brushing during the morning and late night. Even you can easily install your LED display on the center on this brush as well.

And the curve? Oral-B 7000 has the curvy shape to grab efficiently and Oral-B 8000 has the cylindrical shape to grab with comfort.

The Difference in Brushing Modes

As I mentioned earlier, the number of the brushing modes in both devices are same. However, there is a tiny bit different on the brushing modes available on both brushes. Oral-B 7000 has the Visible Pressure Sensor mode, Whitening Mode, Deep Clean mode, Gum Care Mode, Sensitive Mode, and Tongue Clean Mode. On the contrary; Oral-B 8000 has a Daily Clean mode, Gum Care, Sensitive Mode, Whitening mode, Pro-Clean mode and Tongue Clean mode. In such case, Oral-B 7000 does not have Pro-Clean Mode and 8000 does not have visible pressure sensor mode. But the fact is, 8000 brush has covered it up with their SmartRing Vision system. However, 7000 series have not covered up the Pro-Cleaning mode because they are in their last generation.

Battery Life

Both Oral-B 7000 and 8000 have the battery durability of 40 minutes of brushing. Oral-B 7000 has Nickel Cadmium battery on 110 volts which requires a full charge for 8-10 hours. And average battery span of this device takes 10 days of usage with brushing twice daily. On the contrary, Oral-B 8000 has Lithium-Ion Battery which requires a full charge for 5-6 hours. Not only that; with the full charge, you can use it up to 12 days brushing twice daily.

Position Detection System

Both of the devices does support an app and provides Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. However, Oral-B 8000 has this upgraded form named “Advanced Position Detection System” in which the device will use facial recognition. With this feature, you will be able to see which brushing zone you are on and where you should be. That means you can see everything from the Smartphone holder in front of your mirror. Even the timing also shows up of your brushing on a particular zone. This is quite unique and much upgraded.

On the contrary, Oral-B 7000 gives a wireless “Smart Guide” which can show you the update & feedback you need. It does not require any support to a smartphone.

Portability System

If you love to travel and would really care for the weight; Oral-B 8000 would win against 7000. In terms of weight; 8000 is much lighter than the 7000. Not only that; Oral-B 8000 gives you a Smart & hard travel case where you can put the brush & your smartphone on charge altogether. On the contrary, 7000 gives a charging station where you can put your brush on charge and store your heads as well.


As we have seen the features of Oral-B 7000 and Oral-B 8000; I believe we can surely choose according to our suitability. I would recommend using Oral-B 8000 because it has been the upgrade version of the pressure sensor system; reinforced with 360-degree SmartRing system that never leaves a flaw in my brushing experience. If you do not mind spending a few more bucks, Oral-B 8000 will give you a thorough, concentrated brushing technique on your every spot with Advanced Position Detection system. That’s not all; you can enjoy its quick charge and longer battery life; as well as you can carry it easily on traveling.

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