Oral B 5000 vs 7000: Differences and Similarities

I know you might not believe this but, many people around the world are switching from manual brushes to Electric Brushes. This is not because they have extra bucks to spend, but because of the value and oral care, the electric brushes are giving them. Forged with technology and reinforced with high performance, the electric toothbrushes are breaching the global market as a sign of technological revolution. I think you have grown tired of your manual brushes and want to gain more oral care, that’s why I can suggest you go take one of the electric brushes.

But the question is, which one to choose?

The world-class brand Oral-B, recommended by dentists all over the worlds have revolutionized brushing experience with Oral-B 5000 and Oral-B 7000.

But which would be better?

Which is why I have made these review of Oral-B 5000 and Oral-B 7000 electric brushes and we will go Oral-B 5000 vs. Oral-B 7000. Here, we will find out what would be the finest choice for you to enhance your brushing habit. I want you to stay on the journey and see what we find.

Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000 – Comparison Table

FeaturesOral B 5000Oral B 7000
Brushing modes5 modes:
Daily Clean
Gum Care
Whitening mode
Deep Clean
6 modes:
Daily clean
Gum Care
Tongue cleaning
Pro Clean
Mechanism40000 3D oscillation per minute40000 3D oscillation per minute
Pressure sensorYesNo
Battery life28 minutes40 minutes
Brushing concentrationPlaque RemovalPlaque Removal & Tooth by Tooth
Travel solutionTravel Case Travel Case with USB charging port
Charging time5-6 hours8-10 hours
Price Check Price Check Price

Oral-B Pro 5000 Review

Oral-B-Pro-5000I believe you might take white color as your favorite one. In this case, the Oral-B 5000 will meet your desire. This world-class series from Oral-B will give a stunning superior clean much more than other manual brushes. I was impressed with the design as the entire brush was covered with soft rubber in different angles and you can grab it with comfort. You will see the appearance a power button at the faceplate and an arrow button for you to switch to any mode any want during brushing. The LED sensor is structured on where the handle and the head meet.

This brush is highly concentrated on removing plaque that you might have on your gum line because the brush head has the functionality to oscillate, rotate and pulsates to break the plaque and remove them from your gum line.

About the brushing options:

As for the best brushing experience, I see 5 different modes where you can use any of them according to your personal preference. The available modes are Daily Clean which is for regular mode system, Gum Care which focuses on stimulating gums, sensitive which works ongoing along sensitive teeth with low power, a whitening mode which works on switching brushing speed to polish teeth and wash away stains and Deep Clean which generates more time for a thorough cleaning. Now that you see the modes, you can choose to use them according to your desire.

And the best part?

I can work the modes with the Floss-action brushing head which is quite round and include MicroPulse bristles. What these bristles do is they go through deeper parts between the teeth and gently pull out food junks and brush away the stain so easily so you can ensure a deep clean on every brushing zone you go through.

It gets better:

As we all like to give equal time to every quadrant of our face and this brush works great on that. I was impressed with the visual pressure sensor with a 2-minute pro timer system that alerts you when you brush too much on any of your brushing zones. Needless to say, brushing too hard is quite harmful and it might degrade the health of your gum. I suggest you be careful and you can use the sensor for the utmost safety.

Though any smartphone is not included with the toothbrush, you can connect it for real-time feedback, brushing time notification, inspiring while brushing, giving entertainment and tracking the brushing zones.

And the battery life?

This toothbrush with rechargeable NIMH Battery can last up to 28 minutes with 8 days of cordless brushing for you. That is regular and you can see the battery level on the LED screen and it never gave me any awkward “run out of charge” moment. But it takes less charge, only 5-6 hours as the charging station runs off at 220-240 volts.

Let me make a list of key features so you can have a quick glance:

  • Ergonomic handle & grip.
  • Floss-Action brushing heads to go deep between the teeth and brings out food junk & stains.
  • Brushing action with oscillation, rotation, and pulsation to break plaques.
  • Brushing concentration on plaque removal.
  • 5 different modes with the freedom to choose.
  • Visual Sensor Pro with a 2-minute
  • Featured app with blue-tooth connectivity
  • Battery life having 8 days of cordless brushing.

Oral B 7000 Review

Oral-B-black-7000-SmartSeriesOral-B stunned the global market with their 7000 series; developed with high-end technology and enhanced brushing experience. I believe you are going to love the appearance as the brush offers black color which looks cool.

This is awesome:

As the design offers a classy shape, with the LED sensor on the back side of the brush. As the entire brush is covered with soft rubber, I genuinely loved the grips rubber that makes me comfortable while holding. The grip becomes quite efficient, so I can concentrate on brushing properly. Even the anti-skid effect is quite amazing & the grip side is curved a bit.

If you would like to highly focus on removing more plaques on your gum line, I would recommend this series without any doubt. Because the 3D brushing mechanism with 40000 oscillation per 60 seconds is dedicated to breaking down the plaques within 2 minutes of your brushing.

Even the head made of silicon includes CrissCross brush head that is honed to 16 degrees so they go through the deeper parts between the teeth so easily and brings out food junk, brushes away stains and breaks down the plaque.

And the modes?

This brush offers 6 different modes that include daily clean for regular brushing, Gum Care for gentle brushing on gum line and other important areas, sensitive for going politely along sensitive teeth without causing any pain, whitening for working on deeper parts between the teeth & brush away stains, tongue cleaning specialized for cleaning your tongue and Pro Clean for extra brushing care when you have problems with too much plaque on your gum line. 2 of the modes are new & rare which are tongue cleaning and pro clean modes. You might choose these as you please.

The supportive Oral-B app with Bluetooth connectivity is quite developed as it was in previous models. You can now have 4 extra features. After you finish your morning routine, the app can inspire you with brushing facts, give you weather update where you can make your move accordingly, give you tips from world-class dentists and even alert you when you are brushing too much on particular quadrants of your face. So you can understand and immediately switch to other brushing zones to prevent over brushing. All are given to a wireless SmartGuide; so the smartphone is not included.

And the battery life?

Oral-B 7000 has the battery life of 40 minutes (if you brush twice daily), lasting 10 days of brushing. It requires Nickel Cadmium Battery and the battery life is huge. All you need to do; is just giving it in charge for 8-10 hours as it works on 110 volts.

Now let’s get straight to the Key Features so you can have a quick look:

  • Efficient & curvy shape with soft rubber and anti-skid effect.
  • CrissCross brushing heads with bristles honed to 16 degrees, giving a ‘go-through’ brushing.
  • 3D oscillation system.
  • 6 different modes including Pro Clean & Tongue Cleaning modes.
  • Developed Oral-B app with Bluetooth connectivity, including 4 supportive features to inspire, giving oral care tips & weather updates.
  • Battery life of 40 minutes of 10 days.

Similar Features

Now we will go Oral-B 5000 vs. Oral-B 7000, but in the meantime, there are some similar features that you will see between these brushes. Of course, these brushes have the touch of technology and they follow a chronicle of electric brush series developed by Oral-B. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the similar features Oral-B 5000 & Oral-B 7000 have:

Efficient Grip

Both Oral-B 5000 and 7000 have an ergonomic & efficient grip on their handles. You will find comfort holding them and concentrate on your brushing with effectiveness. These 2 brushes are quite curvy according to the appearance and you can grab the center which is entirely covered up with soft rubber. This gives me a much comfort when I brush after my morning routine and I seriously love it.

Brushing Concentration

Both the 5000 and 7000 have the similar brushing concentration which is, Plaque Removal. The Floss-Action head of the 5000 work on removing plaque on the gum line and the CrissCross head of the 7000 work on breaking down the plaque even by going deeper parts between teeth to pull off more plaque.

Performance during Brushes

Both the brushes have the same mechanism of 40000 oscillation per 60 seconds and they strictly focus on pulling off more plaque on gum-line every time you concentrate on your brushing zones. Even the brushes have pressure sensors with a 2-minute pro timer which you can use for time management. Meaning, you can use the time to apply brushing strokes equally to every of your face quadrants so that you can have an efficient brushing habit.

Supportive App

Both Oral-B 5000 and Oral-B 7000 have a supportive Oral-B app with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This app is quite interesting and has 4 different features to improve your brushing habit. To remind again, these 4 features are inspiring you with brushing facts while brushing, giving weather updates to make your move, pointing out recommendations from world-class dentists and of course, alerting you when you are brushing too hard on a particular zone.


Both of the Oral-B brushes come travel-friendly. If you love to travel a lot and need constant brushing habit, these brushes will help you a lot. What comes with the box of the brushes is Premium Travel Case, in which you can carry out your brush and they will never face damage during travel. Though Oral-B 7000 has an extra USB cable to charge on when you are on the go, you can charge Oral-B 5000 when you check in a hotel or resort. I love to make trips to outside of the country and I always love the travel cases that keep the brushes safe.

Unique Features

Now we can brace ourselves; as we are about to go Oral-B 5000 vs. Oral-B 7000. Previously, we have comprehended the similar features out of these two electric brushes. But now, we are going to find out the key difference between them and point out which will better for you to choose. Let’s have a look at the unique features of these brushes-

Design & Color

Despite the fact that both brushes have efficient & ergonomic shape, Oral B-7000 has an extra cover made of soft rubber on the center spot where you can grab the toothbrush. The fact is, the extra soft rubber made of silicon makes you more comfortable when you hold it before brushing. Even the 7000 has an anti-skid effect which makes you feel better when you grab the handle. And the color? Oral-B 5000 offers white color where Oral-B 7000 offers Black Color. In terms of design & color, Oral-B 7000 gives more comfort and gets one score.

Brushing Modes

Both Oral-B 5000 & 7000 provide different brushing modes but 7000 has one extra mode. Oral-B 5000 provides 5 brushing modes including Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive Whitening mode and Deep Clean mode. Whereas, the 7000 provides 6 different modes such as daily clean Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Tongue cleaning and Pro Clean where Tongue Cleaning and Pro Clean modes are quite rare. Tongue Clean mode is specialized in cleaning food junks in tongue and Pro Cleaning serves extra care when you have too much plaque on your gum line. Needless to say, these 2 modes are quite useful and they meet a great demand of any user. So, Oral-B 7000 gets another score.

Brushing Concentration

Both of the brushes have brushing concentration according to their head construction. The brushing head of Oral-B 5000 is made of Floss-Action Bristles that focus on removing plaque on your gum line. But, Oral-B 7000 has the brushing head that is made of CrissCross bristles that are curved up to 16 degrees so you can break down plaque but you can go deeper parts between your teeth. Meaning, Oral-B 7000s brushing heads, you can have a “tooth-by-tooth” brushing habit.

Battery Life

Both Oral-B 5000 and 7000 offer NMIH battery, but the 5000 can last up to 28 minutes with 8 days of cordless brushing. Whereas, Oral-B 7000 has the battery life of 40 minutes, lasting 10 days easily. This is where the 7000 is preferred the most. The 5000 has the battery recharge required for 5-6 hours. But 7000 requires charging of 8-10 hours of charge. This is quite a time consuming, but it can give you more brushing with one full charge for 10 days, without any interruption in brushing.

Forgot to say, the battery of the Oral-B 5000 runs off at 220-240 volts. By contrast, the battery life of 7000 runs off at 110 volts.


In terms of portability, the 5000 weighs in 130 grams and 7000 weighs in 140 grams. Oral-B 5000 offers a charging station with a premium travel case where you can charge and put it in the travel pouch and depart for your destination. Whereas, Oral-B 7000 offers you a premium travel case with USB charging port where you can put the brush in charge while on travel. This gives you less tension as you will not get in other brushes. Even in this case, Oral-B 7000 gets a score more.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

Now that we have seen the epic battle of Oral B pro 5000 vs 7000; you can surely know which one to choose as the best one. But I would recommend you to choose Oral B pro 7000 because of its upgraded technology and smooth performance. The price is quite coverable, and the key reasons you should buy this are because-

  • Comfortable grip with Anti-Skid effect for efficient brushing habit.
  • CrissCross brushing heads to remove more plaque and tooth by tooth brushing at the same time.
  • 3D oscillation system at 40000 per 60 seconds.
  • 360 LED pressure sensor which is upgraded and gives you a 2-minute timer.
  • 6 different modes with Tongue Cleaning & Pro Cleaning for your extra gum care and tongue care.
  • Developed Oral-B app with 4 different features to entertain your brushing habits.
  • Battery Life of 40 minutes of 10 days
  • Premium Travel Case with USB port so you can charge it anywhere on the go.

Oral-B 7000 has been renowned as the Flagship Electric Brush where the Oral-B 5000 was the last of its generation. You can have a touch of upgraded technology. And if you compare Oral-B 5000 vs. Oral-B 7000, 7000 will be the winner in terms of price & the value it will give to you.

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