Opalescence Go 15% Review: My Go To Product for White Teeth

Opalescence-Go-15%I have used a number of dental products in order to get rid of the horrible yellow stains on my teeth. The Opalescence Go 15% is possibly the most convenient and easy to use dental whitening kit I have come across until now. It is one of those products that you can use right out of the box.

For over two years I have been looking for something that will effectively remove all my teeth stains and plaques. I spent so much time and money on these teeth whitening products that at one point I felt that going to a dentist would have cost less and taken lesser time.

At that point, the Opalescence Go 15% appeared in front of me like a messiah. It is affordable but moderately costly compared to many other products. But it’s worth it. Why do I say this? Take a look at my review and find out.

You Can Use It Right out of the Box

I have used many dental whitening kits, and so from my personal experience, I can tell you this. While most of them require some preparation beforehand, the kit is as ready-to-use as any product can be.

This thing uses mouth trays that are pre-layered with whitening gels. They are packed securely in the package. So after you bring one home, you can simply open the box, bring out a pair of the tray (one for the upper teeth and one of the lower teeth) and put it in your mouth. Yeah, just like that.

The ultra-fit mouth trays easily and perfectly fit into your mouth. The mouth trays come in two layers. The outer layer is for assisting in inserting the tray in your mouth. After inserting, press and hold the tray into place. At this point, pull out the outer cover and keep the main tray in place for at least 15 minutes per day.

How does Opalescence Work?

As the case with mouth trays, their job is to keep the whitening gel in close contact with the teeth. Opalescence has made sure that maximum gel remains in contact with the maximum dental surface area.

The ultra-fit mouth trays don’t require any molding yet they fit perfectly. In fact, the trays are designed to fit every mouth. And in case the trays feel bigger than your mouth size, just trim a bit from the sides. So this perfect fitting is one of the two reasons behind the effectiveness of this amazing product.

The other reason is the whitening gel itself. The gel contains 15% whitening agents which include either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide. Both of them are great bleaching agents and dentists worldwide use either one of them. And so it is also safe for the teeth and gums.

Safe for the Teeth

Most dental whitening products focus mainly on whitening. And so they only serve a single purpose. But the Opalescence Go 15% does two things at the same time. It whitens your teeth and protects it.

The whitening gel contains Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride – two components greatly needed for the teeth. Potassium Nitrate helps to reduce cavities and Fluoride shields and strengthens the enamel. And together these two help to reduce sensitivity.

As a result, you are not only getting whiter teeth but also making them stronger in the process. There are many whitening products that harm the teeth during the process. But Opalescence does the opposite. It protects the teeth from further damage.

Melon or Mint? – It Gives You a Choice

Opalescence offers two varieties in tastes. One is the Melon flavor and the other is the Mint. It does not taste much when you using the kit. But you can feel the flavor slowly growing in your mouth.

If you ask me, I prefer the Mint flavor. Well, who doesn’t like mint? With the mint, aftertaste not only TASTES good but also feels good. It gives you a refreshing feel and a fresh breath. The aftertaste lasts for a significant amount of time. However, everyone may not like the flavor equally.

For instance, one of my friends used this thing after I suggested him to, and he is happy with the results. But he doesn’t like the aftertaste, no idea why. So every time he brushes his teeth afterward.

Pros That I Found

  • The mouth trays are already layered with whitening gel.
  • So the trays are ready to use; you can sue the trays right out of the box; does not require beforehand molding.
  • There are 10 trays for upper teeth and 10 for lower teeth.
  • The gel contains 15% whitening agents (Hydrogen Peroxide/Carbamide Peroxide, Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride); ingredients that dentists use frequently.
  • The whitening agents can remove stains lying under the enamel.
  • Results are visible after 10 days of use.
  • Refreshing aftertaste keeps you fresh after using.

Negatives of this Product

  • I didn’t find any.

My insight

  • The mouth trays fit perfectly. And this keeps the whitening gel from leaking.
  • Since there occurs no leaking, the gel does not cause any irritation to the gums.
  • Here I can’t totally say that the gel can trigger sensitivity; as it never touched my gum.
  • It contains KNO3 and F2 which are good for the teeth.

Few Things I Have to Tell You

I have had my share of experience on these things so I know how hopeless it feels when those products don’t work properly. Now that I know which one works and which doesn’t, let me give you a life saving suggestion. Get the Opalescence Go 15% if you want your white teeth back.

You will need to spend only a handful of minutes per day and within 10 days – voila! It works effectively and it works fast. Opalescence is one of the few manufacturers who don’t give their customers any chance to complain. Use it and you will know.

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