How to Keep Teeth White and Healthy

How-to-Keep-Teeth-WhiteWe know “Even smile is charity”. No doubt that everybody wants a bright and healthy smile.

But, a bright smile needs bright teeth. Most of the times we lose brightness of teeth due to lack of consciousness or proper care. It really important to know the reasons behind this problem and how to keep teeth white and healthy.

If you follow the below tips it will make your task easier.

1) Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Avoid consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, colas and dark juices. These foods will probably stain your teeth. Brush or rinse your teeth just after eating or consuming foods that stain your teeth.

2) Go for teeth healthy diet

Foods you are eating have a great impact on your teeth. Specially sugary or acidic foods can affect your teeth.

Teeth healthy foods prevent bacterial growth and stop them spreading into the mouth. Thus help to protect the enamel and decrease the chances of dental plaque, cavity, and bad breath.

For stronger and healthy teeth you must need adequate nutrition. You can choose a balanced diet which includes chicken, nuts, milk, fruits, and vegetables. A balanced diet will ensure that you are getting enough nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D etc. that your teeth need.

3) Detergent foods

You can keep detergent foods on your diet chart. Detergent foods clean your teeth when you eat; for example- raw carrot, celery, and popcorn etc. You can also eat apple as it is known as nature’s toothbrush.

4) Brush your teeth twice daily

Regular brushing is very important to keep your teeth healthy. Brush twice a day. You can use whitening toothpaste in case of yellow teeth. Otherwise, regular toothpaste is ok.

Place the brush on your mouth at 45° angle against the gum while you are brushing. Brush gently with the circular motion. Make sure the brush you are using is soft-bristled. Hard-bristled brush can damage your enamel or gum.

5) Floss

Floss at least once a day. Flossing is important to prevent plaque to build up. Antiseptic mouthwash can be used as they kill bacteria that cause dental plaque.

6) Clean your tongue

Use tongue scraper regularly. One of the common reasons of bad breath is bacterial growth on tongue.  Regular use of tongue scraper will remove plaque from the tongue and will freshen your breath.

7) Drink a lot of water

Drink a plenty of water every day. Drinking water will help to wash away the food particles or bacteria that grow in your mouth. Water also helps to prevent erosion of dental enamel by neutralizing the acidity that is caused by acidic foods.

8) Stop smoking

Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and drinking stain causing beverages are bad for your teeth, gum, and mouth. Smoking may cause different types of problems such as bad breath, yellow teeth, dental plaque, gum disease etc.

Consult your dentist if you smoke. And follow doctor’s guideline.

9) Go for schedule follow-up

Another important thing you should do is schedule dental check-up.  Your dentist can give you proper treatment at the right time if you go for schedule check-up.

It is better to visit your dentist every six months. And you should follow the above instruction to keep your teeth white and healthy.

Healthy smile is not far away from you if you are conscious enough. Take proper care of your teeth and make the impression lasting.

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