Best Cheap Electric Toothbrush Models (Under $100 & $50) – Budget Toothbrushes Roundup

A foreword about the “budget price point category”

It’s understandable that no one feels inclined to pay top dollar for a regular toothbrush. Even though we use them every day (most people even multiple times a day), feeling the need to spend above $100 for a brush is just plain too much. I completely agree with people who think that way, and that’s the reason why I’ve made the reviews of the best cheap electric toothbrush models.


You might have already heard about the latest dental care technology – the sonic and supersonic toothbrushes. Dental care giants like Oral-B and Philips Sonicare invented these convenient contraptions, but most people think these sci-fi brushes are very expensive.

Even if that may be so, I’ve managed to find some decent electric toothbrushes in the “budget” price point category, some of which boast sonic and supersonic performance qualities. This review will help you find the best cheap electronic toothbrush, but you’ll also be able to compare and evaluate the performance of budget toothbrushes on your own once you’ve read the “Buying guide”.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Below you’ll find a comparison table – it’s comprised of a list of the best models divided into two categories, the bottom and the upper bracket of the budget price range. Take your pick and enjoy the draft:

Best Electric Toothbrush Under $100 Comparison

Product NameEfficiency ratingPrice ratingPrice
Oral-B Pro 5000 Very highBorderline with “medium price point category”
Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+Very highDecently affordable
Triple Bristle SonicHighDecently affordable

Best Electric Toothbrush Under $50 Comparison

Product NameEfficiency ratingPrice ratingPrice
Philips Sonicare 2 SeriesHighAffordable
Oral-B Pro 1000Medium-highAffordable
Fairywill ElectricMedium-highVery affordable

Best Affordable Electric Toothbrush Under $100 Reviews

Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B-Pro-5000-SmartSeries-Power-Rechargeable-Electric-ToothbrushThe first cheap electric toothbrush in this review is Oral-B’s Pro 5000 from the “Smart-Series”. Personally, this is my favourite electric toothbrush, regardless of its low price, but it just so happens to be the most expensive model in this review (if we could even call it expensive, given that it costs below $100).

Anyhow, this particular toothbrush was created and designed by one of the world-class leaders in the dental care department – Oral-B. You’ve surely heard the name, and I’m here to show you what these guys can do for you.

The Pro 5000 toothbrush features Bluetooth communication – that’s the reason why certain people think these kinds of brushes are sci-fi in nature. Namely, you’ll be able to connect your “brush” with your smartphone using the downloadable application.

After doing so, you’ll benefit from real-time feedback concerning your teeth-brushing habits. In less than a week, you will be able to break the bad habits like brushing too hard, avoiding certain spots, and taking too much time.

The brush of the Pro 5000 is labelled as “FlossAction” – it features micropulse bristles that hastily and accurately sweep the plaque and debris from your teeth. Needless to say, this toothbrush can’t even begin to compare to any manual toothbrush in terms of performance.

Another thing that brand boasts about is the 3D-cleaning action – this brush pulsates, oscillates, and rotates, breaking up the leftover food, plaque, and debris in mere minutes.

You’ll be able to use five modes of operation in accordance to your brushing needs. There’s daily clean, which is somewhat of a normal mode. If it happens to be too slow and weak, use the Deep clean mode.

On the other hand, people with sensitive teeth or gumlines should use the “sensitive” mode. There’s also the “whitening” setting, which is quite self-explanatory.

This being said, you’ll note that there are no major flaws whatsoever. This is, perhaps, the most flawless, nearly-perfect budget electric toothbrush, as it excels in nearly every possible sphere of performance.

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Five dental care modes.
  • Ideal for people with sensitive teeth.
  • Exceptional value for the cash.
  • Excels in all fields of performance.
  • No major flaws whatsoever.


Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+ electric rechargeable toothbrush, HX8911

Philips-Sonicare-HealthyWhite+ electric-rechargeable-toothbrush, HX8911Even though Philips Sonicare won over Oral-B in quite a few clinical tests of their brushes, their models, more often than not, come at steeper prices. That’s the reason why the HX8911 electric rechargeable toothbrush follows up after Oral-B’s Pro 5000.

We could safely assume that both of the aforementioned toothbrushes excel in quality and performance, however, the reason why Philips HX8911 is on the second place is because it’s slightly inferior to my top pick.

Anyhow, it costs a couple of bucks less in turn, which only contributes to its overall value. What’s more, this toothbrush comes in two colour variations, whereas the Pro 5000 comes in only one.

Let’s focus on the Philips Sonicare HX8911 for the time being. This electric toothbrush features only two modes. However quaint, these modes are more than you’ll need to brush and whiten your teeth. Sadly, there are no options that would render this toothbrush ideal, or even useful for people with sensitive teeth.

On the other hand, there are six customizable settings – these settings offer lower customization potential when compared to modes of operation, but they can still be used to further improve the quality of your brushing.

There’s a convenient quadpacer-interval timer which can be used in three ways – the low only occasionally reminds you to switch between quadrants, the medium is a bit more frequent, whereas the high is for people who never got accustomed to this toothbrush.

Personally, I like free goodies, and this model comes with a neat little charging port, a storage case, and, of course, the high-quality toothbrush we’ve talked about thus far. Just like Oral-B’s Pro 5000, this model comes without any significant flaws. There are certain minor issues you should be aware, though.

First of all, this electric rechargeable toothbrush buzzes quite a lot. If you can put up and tolerate the annoying buzzing sounds, you’ll get accustomed to them quite fast, and you won’t be frustrated as much. On the other hand, its head is quite large, but that’s nothing too major.

Overall, Philips Sonicare HX8911 boasts a considerable value for the cash, and that’s without taking into consideration that it’s a budget brush.

  • Available in two colours.
  • Excellent level of performance.
  • Six customizable settings.
  • Quadpacer-interval timer.
  • Comes with a storage case and a charging port.
  • Two modes of operation.
  • No special modes which would help people with sensitive teeth.
  • Buzzes quite loud.
  • Its head is too large for comfort.


Triple Bristle Best Sonic Toothbrush

Triple-Bristle-Best-Sonic-ToothbrushTriple Bristle’s Sonic toothbrush is the last toothbrush in the cheap brushes under $100 category. Rest assured, it comes outfitted with a remarkable set of settings, and I daresay it holds quite a value for the price.

The “sonic” in Triple Bristle’s sonic toothbrush regards the efficiency and speed of this model. Namely, it’s incomparably faster than any regular electric (let alone manual) toothbrush, which significantly reduces the time you need to invest while brushing your teeth.

The 3-sided design was introduced so as to improve the overall efficiency, which was already great even if we were to leave out this feature altogether. The brand boasts that this model is up to three times faster than most sonic toothbrushes – even though I’d beg to differ, it is quite fast, even for a sonic toothbrush.

The head is purposefully angled, allowing for a more efficient approach, but this form of design works like a charm when it comes to plaque removal – you’ll be free to forget the bothersome experience you’ve had with plaque, debris, and leftover food in no time.

This toothbrush operates in a plain fashion – it generates a ton of micro-bubbles which quickly sweep anything hazardous alongside the path of your teeth and gum lines. You’ll not only be able to clean your teeth, but whiten them and achieve the deep clean effects.

I’ve sifted through this price point category for quite a while, and I’ve failed to find a model which can boast with ultra-speed performance – as most dentists agree on, the sonic range begins at 31000 strokes per minute. This one, however, is an exception.

The handle features ergonomic qualities – it gently falls to the hand, and contours to it, feeling quite comfortable to use. Combined with the neat quadrant timer, you’ll be sure to enjoy a totally different teeth-brushing experience.

Not everything is perfect, though – the brush head of this remarkable model is quite large, and you’ll have to struggle a bit before you understand how to brush the top side of your teeth. Nevertheless, the overall value of Triple Bristle’s sonic toothbrush is exquisite, to say the least.

  • An exquisite level of performance.
  • Quadrant timer.
  • Triple-sided sonic toothbrush.
  • Exceptionally fast.
  • Remarkable value for the cash.
  • Large brush head.
  • Difficulties regarding brushing the top side of the teeth.


Best Cheap Electric Toothbrush Under $50 Reviews

The second sub-branch of the “budget” price point category includes toothbrushes that cost below $50. These models are substantially cheaper when compared to the first three we’ve seen, alas, they come from the same brands – Philips Sonicare and Oral-B (with the exception of the last model which comes from Fairywill).

Philips Sonicare 2 Series plaque control rechargeable electric toothbrush, HX6211/04

Philips Sonicare-2-Series-plaque-control-rechargeable-electric-toothbrushEven though Philips Sonicare is the brand you’ll turn to when you’re looking for a high-end toothbrush, they’ve made quite a few exceptionally budget models, such as the HX6211/04 which we’re about to see.

This particular model excels in multiple fields of performance, and it’s among the fastest electric toothbrushes in the “budget” section. However, most high-end models are several times faster and more reliable, which, of course, doesn’t nullify the fact that this is a high-quality brush.

First of all, this model is a rechargeable toothbrush. There’s no need to switch batteries every now and then, as you can simply insert the toothbrush into the corresponding socket on any Philips Sonicare recharge station.

The brand boasts about this toothbrush being up to six times more efficient at removing plaque than regular toothbrushes. Debris and leftover food pose no problems either, as you’ll find these to be the problems of the past as soon as you start using Philips Sonicare HX6211/04.

Whereas most electric toothbrush models come with Quad-pacer timers, this one comes with a convenient “smart-timer” (pretty much the equivalent of the aforementioned feature) which can be set to 2 minutes, so as to remind you when to switch between quadrants.

The only bad thing about this toothbrush is that it’s a downgrade of a better model. Other than that, everything is pretty awesome, all things considered.

  • High price to value ratio.
  • Convenient smart-timer feature.
  • Easy-start feature.
  • Superbly fast with 31000 strokes-per-minute.
  • Extremely efficient at removing plaque and debris.
  • Downgrade of a better model.


Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Power Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush

Oral-B-Pro-1000-Electric-Power-Rechargeable-Battery-ToothbrushMuch like the previous model, Oral-B’s Pro 1000 is a downgrade of the model we’ve reviewed further up (Oral-B Pro 5000). The main reason why I’ve added this model as well is because it boasts superb affordability while maintaining a decent level of performance.

Most Oral-B toothbrushes are capable of removing plaque in a rapid fashion, and the Pro 1000 is not an exception. There’s a convenient pressure sensor which will notify you whenever you brush vehemently, prompting you to reduce the strength.

Even though there are no quad-pacers or interval timers, there’s a neat little in-handle timer which will pulsate every thirty seconds, letting you know that you should switch between quadrants.

Generally, this toothbrush is a downgraded version of the Oral-B 5000, or we could say that the Pro 5000 is an improvement of this model, but both of them have similar features. Even though the latest model is superior in nearly all aspects, this one comes with a similar set of features and boasts a remarkable value for the cash.

There are a couple of things I didn’t like too much, though. First of all, there’s only one mode of operation (the Daily Clean). Most brushes I’ve reviewed and used feature at least two or three modes, and I find the lack of versatility to be quite distressing.

On the other hand, this toothbrush uses out-dated battery technology. Namely, the Ni-MH batteries were replaced by Li-Ion batteries a long time ago, and I think this is worth mentioning, so that you don’t have problems with replacements and recharge.

Lastly, this toothbrush can achieve the speed of 20000 pulses-per-minute only. Even though this might seem like much, moth electric toothbrushes can do with 30000 and more (the bottom line for the “sonic” category, “supersonic” can go beyond a million).

  • Great overall performance.
  • Remarkable set of features.
  • Quite impressive considering the price.
  • Convenient settings oriented around development of good brushing habits.
  • There’s only one cleaning mode.
  • Maximum of 20000 pulses per minute.
  • Ni-MH batteries are quite old-fashioned, there are superior ones.


Fairywill Electric toothbrush

Fairywill-Electric-toothbrushThe last budget electric toothbrush in this review comes from Fairywill. Now, this brand might not be as reputable and famous as Philips Sonicare and Oral-B, but I’ve decided to give them a shot.

The first thing that piqued my interest is the beautiful design of this toothbrush. Truth be told, when I evaluate the performance of an electric toothbrush, the aesthetics are the last to come. Regardless, a beautiful toothbrush is always more valuable than a mediocre, or an ugly one.

Furthermore, I liked the speed and efficiency of Fairywill’s electric toothbrush, or, should I say, sonic electric toothbrush. It can achieve the speed of 40000 micro-pulses per minute. Needless to say, you’ll be done brushing your teeth in mere minutes, if not seconds.

There’s a 2-minute timer which will help you switch between quadrants with ease, as well as 30-second encouragement timer. A single charge can last up to four hours (I’d be surprised to find that anyone needs more time to brush their teeth), but it’s easily rechargeable once it runs out of juices.

Lastly, there are five modes you can use (each mode can be selected with a push on a single button, all are located on the handle) – the white, clean, sensitive, polish, and massage. Overall, this is a pretty versatile electric sonic toothbrush.

Despite its great speed, I didn’t like its strength. Namely, Fairywill’s sonic toothbrush doesn’t excel in this department, but, considering this is the most affordable toothbrush in this review, I’d say it still holds quite a value for the price.

  • Exceptional versatility.
  • Five modes of operation.
  • Great for people with sensitive skin.
  • Very fast with 40000 pulses per minute.
  • One of the most affordable electric toothbrush in this review.
  • Easy recharge and long runtime.
  • Mediocre power level.


How to pick the best cheap electric toothbrush?

When choosing your budget electric toothbrush, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. First of all, there’s the issue of price – comparing the models that cost $50 with those that cost $100 can be done, but it would be hard to get an objective verdict. On the other hand, you should consider the performance &unique features, and speed.

Price – difference between $50 and $100

There’s a huge difference between electric toothbrushes that cost below $50 and those that cost below $100. Usually, the latter are improvements of the former, but there are exceptions. Certain models (for example Fairywill toothbrush) don’t cost as much because they come from a brand that’s not as reputable as the world-class leaders, hence the price is a bit lower.

Anyhow, renowned brands who offer budget models want to accentuate the affordability of their products, so don’t expect too much of underdog manufacturers.

Performance & unique features – lower-end brushes can still be good

Certain models come with special features – the settings that were specifically added so that you can further customize your brushing experience. Such features are quad-pacer timers, pressure sensors, multiple modes of operation, and such.

Consider those electric toothbrush models that come with these unique, special features, as they’ll offer you more in terms of performance and value.

Durability – long-lasting budget brushes

Simply put, a flimsy brush is the one that will break down after a couple of months, and you certainly want to avoid that. Most people expect that budget brushes aren’t durable, but there are plenty of models that boast a high level of durability. Feel free to check out the reviews in the sections above – each model boasts a high level of durability and sturdiness.

Speed – average or sonic?

Generally, every electric toothbrush emits a certain number of pulses per minute. The lowest range of sonic brushes starts at approximately 30000. There are models that can still do the job with about 20k or 15k pulses per minute, but now that the speed of the brush heavily impacts the overall performance.

Final words

Choosing the best budget toothbrush should be easy – I’ve divided the “budget” price point category into two smaller sub-sections, so that everyone can find what they’re looking for. Make sure to check out the reviews, browse away, and enjoy the selection of my top picks!

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