AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit Review: The Good and the Best Things about It

AuraGlow-Teeth-Whitening-KitNo matter which toothpaste you use and with which toothbrush, nothing seems to help remove the years’ worth of stains on your teeth, right? Even if you decide to go a dentist, she will say that it will take months to clinically remove all the stains. Oh, did I mention the expenses? Yeah, going to a dentist is kind of a luxury many can’t afford

May I suggest you try the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit, my good man (or woman)? Try AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit for a few days. Numerous reviews are out there mentioning how good the product is when you need results quickly. I decided to throw in my own review of this product after seeing my cousin try it for a few months now. So, here it goes!

AuraGlow Contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel

To be honest, I didn’t know much about this chemical compound before my cousin started using the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit. Now I am sort of an expert.

First time I heard this name; it would seem alien. Let me rephrase that as Hydrogen Peroxide – Urea. Sounds familiar? Well, H2O2 is a famous bleaching agent.

So what does this do? Isn’t bleaching a bad thing? This particular compound contains solid and water-free Hydrogen Peroxide, which is more stable than the liquid version of it. It is an oxidizing agent.

It does what the name suggests. When it comes in contact with the teeth it actually removes the stains through a chemical reaction known as oxidization. And it is not bad, because of two reasons. Dentists already use it worldwide. And AuraGlow uses a 35% solution, so it is readily in a diluted state.

There are two syringes containing 5 ml of 35% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel in each of them. The amount is optimum for 20 treatments. But my gel lasted for 22 treatments. So I guess it depends on individual usage.

Convenient Mouth Tray

As is the case with most mouth trays, they are either required to be boiled or soaked in hot water for at least 5 minutes. That is, you require beforehand preparation for using them. Then what’s the point in being a home product if it takes so much hassle?

This is one of the reasons why I think AuraGlow might be the best teeth whitening kit. You can almost use the mouth tray right out of the box. All you need is to wash the mouth tray with hot water. The silicone tray becomes susceptible to molding just like that. You can put it in your mouth after washing it and you will see that it fits perfectly.

Is the Mouth Tray Safe?

During the first time, you might feel a bit uncomfortable as the tray slowly conforms to the shape of your teeth. It is BPA-free, so it is totally safe for oral use. It comes with a tray in which you can store the tray when not using. And the best part is that the tray is designed to help whiten both upper and lower teeth at the same time.

5 LED Lights Are Here to Help!

LED Light Acceleration was a totally new thing to me. In the beginning, it felt a bit funny, holding light against my cousin’s teeth. With daily use, I noticed that the LED Light is really helpful. It does, in fact, speeds up the whitening process.

The light accelerator contains 5 LED lights for maximum effect. A battery is included in the package that lasts for 24-48 hours of usage. I didn’t keep count, but I had to replace the battery after 15 days. The battery is easily available, so nothing to worry about that.

The LED light can be attached to the mouth tray. This eliminates the use of hands to hold the light in place. It is better to attach it before putting the tray in your mouth. The light has a cool sensation. And I find it soothing for my gums.

Here are all the Positives about AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

  • There are two syringes containing whitening gel that last a number of treatments.
  • The whitening gel contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide to speed up the whitening process.
  • The gel is enough for 20 treatments; however, my cousin got to use it for 22 days.
  • You have to endure 30-minute long treatment per day; results start to show from the very first day.
  • The gel helps to remove plaque and also cleans between the teeth.
  • The Carbamide Peroxide gel also polishes teeth while whitening it; you can notice the effects too.
  • The mouth tray is made of BPA-free Silicone; does not require molding.
  • Simply wash the tray with hot water before putting it in your mouth.
  • The mouth tray is designed to whitening both upper and lower teeth at the same time.
  • The LED light can be attached to the mouth tray so you don’t have to keep holding it.

Few Things You Should Take Notes On

You might be thinking this is a warning of sorts. But this is not. Instead, I’m listing down some of my take on this thing while I prepared everything and got to see my cousin use it. These things will help you in getting the best out of this product without panicking.

  • Carbamide Peroxide is used by dentists around the globe as it is the most preferred bleaching agent. You need to be careful.
  • That is, this whitening is safe for the enamel and other parts of our oral cavity.
  • Most importantly, the gel does not trigger sensitivity. My cousin has sensitive teeth and he is doing fine.
  • The LED has a cool sensation; it is really soothing.
  • Since the mouth tray does not require any molding, you can use the kit almost right out of the box.

My Final Words to You

To tell you the truth, I was skeptical about this product. It is something new on the scene and people do dentist for this kind of stuff. I was kind of worrying my cousin would spoil the perfect teeth he has. But boy was I wrong or what!

The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit started working from the first 30-minute treatment. After using it for 22 days consecutively, my cousin’s teeth have gone to actual white from darkish yellow. Yeah, they were bad. I was doubtful on his first try. But when I saw it working, I thanked that dentist lady for suggesting me this in the first place.

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