Best Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews & Expert Advice of 2023

Have you ever dreamt of a perfect smile? There’ll hardly be anyone saying “No.” Everyone wishes for the Pearly smile day in day out. Well, you can have that now with all the products that are on offer. The best teeth whitening kits will help you get the eluding smile that you desire.

But, what are these things and how to buy the perfect one suiting my needs? I am going to answer these queries with a shortlist of products in this guide that you can get cheaply to get the job done.

Best Teeth Whitening Kits – Comparison Table

Product NameTypesOur RatingPrice
Crest 3D White Professional EffectsStrip based4.9/5
Shine Teeth Whitening KitLed light based4.9/5
Active Wow Teeth WhiteningLed light based4.9/5
Crest 3D White LuxeStrip based4.8/5
Opalescence Go 15%Gel & tray based4.8/5
Lovely Smile Premium LineStrip based4.7/5
Cool Teeth WhiteningLed light based4.7/5
Smartsmile Teeth Whitening KitGel & tray based4.7/5
AuraGlow Teeth Whitening KitLed light based4.8/5
Crest 3D Whitestrips with LightStrip light based4.7/5

What Are These Teeth Whitening Kits Exactly?

In simple words, “Teeth Whitening Kit” is a collection of different products. Normally, these kits do a good job of cleaning up the stains, plaques and age-old yellow marks.

Some may prefer toothpaste over these things but hey, these offer you a better result and in quick time! However, this is sort of a “Quick Fix” and should be treated like one. Please use it with caution.

Do These Kits Have Different Types?

Indeed, they do. Most of the teeth whitening kit reviews will tell you that people use three types of whitening products. The Gel and Tray ones, the strips, and the LED teeth whitening products. Let us go over one by one briefly.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Well, first come to the strips. These are pretty easy to define, spot, and use. Strips are like thin plastic bands that you apply on your teeth for a short period of time. Time range varies from manufacture to manufacture. You’ll find Hydrogen Peroxide as the stain cleaner. These things have been around from the early 2000’s.

Kit with Gel and Trays

These things come with a tray that is shaped according to your mouth. All you need to do is to fill the tray with the gel that also comes with the package. Apply it for the duration it is prescribed for. Take the tray out and you’ll have your beautiful smile back. Be sure not to overfill the trays with the fluid. It can have adverse effects.

The LED Whitening Kits

This is the most popular form of the method according to teeth whitening kit reviews. You need to put the necessary amount of gel in the tray. Then, you need to bite the tray gently. Hold it for 20 – 30 minutes. While you are doing that, use the LED light on top of the tray holding them with your lips.

Top 10 Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

With these things around, you must be a fix when it comes to choosing the ideal one. One wrong move and it can cost you dearly. That is why I’ve come up with my own list of Best Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews.

1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Dental Whitening Kit

Crest-3D-White-Professional-Effects-WhitestripsThe Crest 3D Whitestrips can be your secret to a brilliant white smile like it is mine! This is a budget-friendly dental whitening kit. Believe me, when I tell you, it gives professional level results, that otherwise would have cost a great deal of money.

The package contains a total of 44 strips and serves 20 treatments. Each pair of strips contains one strip for the upper teeth and one for the lower. I used it when I was a newbie and was surprised to see how easy it was to handle.

Before using, you just need to peel off the backing from the strips and simply apply it over the surface of your teeth. Use it for 30 minutes every day and you will start to see results from day 3. By day 20, you will see the full 3D white result. No, I ain’t kidding! Neither are all the teeth whitening kit reviews out there.

The Crest 3D has the capacity to remove 14 years of teeth stains if you go by the vendors and some reviewers. But let me tell you this: it is better than most teeth whitening kits that only remove surface level stains.

The reason is that these strips can remove set-in stains below the enamel. The strips are coated with teeth whitening gel. Owing to FlexIt Technology, the strips conform to the shape of your teeth. They cover most of the dental surface.

Plus, it also has a no-slip grip that uses Advanced Seal Technology. This helps me to keep the strips in place. And so I could talk and even drink water while using this product.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • The results after using this product are satisfactory.
  • These things are easy to handle.
  • Even the dentists recommend this product.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • People with braces can’t use this thing.
  • I’d advise this one only if they are past 18 years.

2. Shine Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit

Shine-Whitening-Teeth-Whitening-KitShine Whitening has brought forward a teeth whitening kit that delivers pro-level results. It uses Light-Activated Whitening Technology which is designed to speed up the whitening process. The package includes a LED light along with 2 syringes, 2 mouth trays, 2 remineralization gels and 1 retainer case.

This one is one of the best at home teeth whitening kits in my book. I must say, I found this pretty easy to use. I could use the kit any time of the day, and unlike others, I didn’t have to imply this regularly in a time-bound manner.

You’ll see significant results starting to show from the very first use. The gel treatment used in this kit is as good as any dental treatment you will find throughout America. And I am speaking from my fair share of experience here.

The mouth trays are designed so that everyone can use it with ease. Before using the trays, heat a cup of water and bring it to boil. Add the mouth trays into the hot water one at a time. This will make the trays malleable and soft. This allows the trays to conform to your teeth’s shapes.

When the trays are ready, apply a drop of the whitening gel. .5 cc to be precise. I put that to the inner side of the trays. Be careful not to overload. Use it for 5-15 minutes per day and start seeing results from the first use. The gel may trigger sensitivity, so in the beginning, use it for 5 or less than 5 minutes. In fact, you can apply the gel directly to the surface of your teeth using a Q-tip.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • It works after only 10 – 15 minutes of using.
  • This is the product to use if you have sensitive teeth.
  • Reasonably priced product for teeth whitening at home.
  • I can vouch for its performance too.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • You need to be really careful while using this thing.
  • The trays might not fit perfectly for everybody.

3. Active Wow Teeth Whitening

Active-Wow-Teeth-WhiteningActive Wow produces one of the few dental whitening kits that are made in the USA which teeth whitening kit reviews do mention. It is designed to remove all kinds of tough stains from your teeth. The package contains 3 professional thermoform mouth trays.

The extra tray is for ensuring that even if one gets lost or damaged, you would not have to stop the treatment. You can start to see results from the very first try. How many times do I need to take the treatments? Well, it depends on the severity of the stains.

The duration of the treatments also varies due to teeth sensitivity. If you don’t have this problem, you can use Active Wow whitening treatments as long as 25 minutes.

The package contains 2 syringes containing whitening gels, 2 more containing remineralization gels, LED Whitening Accelerator, and a case for storing the mouth trays. Put the thermoform trays in boiling hot water (after you turn off the heat).

This will make them soft so that when you try them on they will adjust to the shape of your teeth. This helps to get a proper fit. Apply a drop of the whitening gel to the inner side of the trays and put it in your mouth. You can use the remineralization gels using those same trays.

Do remember to clean them before you add the blue gels. The LED light helps to accelerate the process. As a result, you can get your desired smile as soon as possible.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • A beginner-friendly teeth whitening kit for people.
  • You can use this thing regularly for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • It is one of those “Sensitive Teeth” friendly products out there.
  • Removes years of accumulated stains within a short time.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • The trays are a bit hard to get used to.
  • All-in-all, a tricky thing to use and get your heads around.

4. Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects


Going to a dentist, spending both time and money in order to get the shining white smile is not always possible. That is why I recommend Crest 3D White Luxe dental strips for my readers. It is a “Low Cost at Home Teeth Whitening Kit” that is on offer.

These Luxe Whitestrips are more effective than some of the toothpaste brands in my opinion. The strips use the same safe teeth whitening methods that dentists use. So there is no reason to worry. The whitening gels in the strips go below the enamel to help remove stains as old as 14 years.

These strips keep the gel in very close contact with the teeth. And this is the secret behind pro-level results. There are 40 strips in total for 20 treatments.

This lets you talk and drink water while using the strips. Just remove the backing and apply it to the surface of your teeth. The Crest 3D Whitestrips are flexible and so they cover maximum part of your enamel. You can expect to start to see quickly.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • Crest 3D Luxe is one product I found comfortable on my teeth.
  • If you want professional-grade whitening job done, this is where you’ll get it.
  • Reviewers mention that it can remove stains up to 14 years’ old.
  • This is also good for “Quick” time results.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • Although it is good for sensitive teeth, you need to be careful while applying the strips.

5. Opalescence Go 15%

Opalescence-Go-15As we move further down, we find Opalescence Go 15% on our list of best teeth whitening kit choices. It offers you the shining white smile you always wanted, and with very little effort. This dental whitening kit contains 20 trays in total – 10 for the upper teeth and 10 for the lower.

Within 10 treatments you can expect to get a whiter smile with effective results. The trays are made of Ultrafit Material. The primary benefit of this material is that it molds itself very easily and perfectly to your teeth.

So, the trays will not hurt your teeth or gum even though you are using them for the first time. In fact, the trays are ready to use, that is you can use them right out of the package. The mouth trays are prefilled with teeth whitening ingredients.

The superior fit and adaptability of the trays is its additional benefit. It helps to keep the maximum gel in close contact with the teeth. And since the trays fit from molar to molar, you get the best results from using Opalescence Go.

I advise you to use the trays for 15-20 minutes per day, and within 10 treatments you will get your shining white smile. The teeth whitening ingredients contain 15% Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium Nitrate, and Fluoride. Fluoride is great for strengthening the enamel and reducing caries and Potassium Nitrate helps to reduce sensitivity.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • You’ll have 10 pairs of trays with this kit.
  • Continuously use for 10 to 15 days and you’ll start to see results.
  • The product provides assurance and white teeth for a year at least.
  • This is particularly easy to use.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • Compared to the products I’ve reviewed till now, this one is expensive.
  • In rare cases, it causes your gums to burn.

6. Lovely Smile Premium Line 28 Teeth Whitening Strips Kit with Non-Slip Tech

Lovely-Smile-Teeth-Whitening-Strips-KitThere are people who use and write professional teeth whitening kit reviews. While I don’t have any beef with them, I prefer to keep it simple and within my budget as you might have guessed by now. To me, Lovely Smile’s Premium Line is an interesting product. It seemed a nice package at a low price range matching my criteria for this post.

The kit contains 28 Express Whitestrips. They are good for 14 treatments. The Whitestrips use the same ingredient as any dentist would use, and so it is 100% safe for the enamel and gums. The Express Whitening treatment starts to show visibly whiter teeth from the very first use.

Express Whitestrips are designed for treatments lasting 1 hour per day. So you must use the strips for a minimum of 30 minutes per day to get desired results.

To make sure you have optimum results, my suggestion would be to use the Lovely Smile Premium Line’s Bright White strips consecutively for 14 days. The whitening results last up to a year, even more. As strips go, these strips are very easy to use. All you have to do is remove the backing and apply it over the surface of your teeth.

The strips are designed with Non-Slip Technology. This helps to keep the strips in place with you having to do no effort. In fact, the Non-Slip Tech lets you talk and drink water while using the strips. They have got a mint flavor, and so the aftertaste is also satisfying.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • Love Smile Premium Line Whitening Kit is super cheap.
  • Works absolutely fine with sensitive gums and teeth.
  • It takes only one hour a day to apply the strips.
  • Non-slip technology is a deal maker for me.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • One hour of treatment is a long time for few people.
  • If you don’t like mint, you won’t like this kit either.

7. At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

At-Home-Professional-Teeth-Whitening-KitThe “At Home Professional teeth whitening kit” (Yes, it is a name of a product, and a good one too!) solves all your worries regarding yellow teeth. Now you can have the smile you always wanted at an affordable price.

The whitening kit consists of 5 syringes containing 44% Carbamide Peroxide gels for 25 treatments. Carbamide Peroxide is a very good bleaching agent and it is used by dentists worldwide. This chemical compound helps to remove all kinds of stains without harming the teeth and gum. However, those who have sensitivity will feel a bit of discomfort.

People with sensitive teeth are recommended to take the treatment for at least 5-15 minutes, while others can take it for a maximum of 45 minutes per day. But in the beginning, everyone should start with 5-10 minute trials.

The process is simple. Carbamide Peroxide in the gel breaks down releasing oxygen which then reacts with the organic stains turning them white. This is a very effective procedure and you will get to see results in minutes after using it.

The two mouth trays are first to be put into the mouth and adjusted a bit. And after that, put them into hot water to soften them and then again insert them into your mouth to shape them properly.

Apply a drop of the whitening gel in each tray and be careful to not let the gel touch the gums. Do not overload or it will then surely come in contact with the gums. Brush your teeth after every treatment so that there remains no gel residue.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • There won’t be any discomfort while using this kit.
  • It is relatively simple to use and measure.
  • Price is also set on a reasonable point.
  • Brings you good results.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • 44% Carbamide is too much for some people.
  • Users won’t like the taste of these strips.

8. Smartsmile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Smartsmile-Professional-Teeth-Whitening-KitYou can now have pro-quality dental whitening results while lying on your couch and watching TV. It is indeed that smile, thanks to Smartsmile Teeth Whitening Kit. This kit is very easy to use and anyone can try it.

The thermoform mouth trays are designed to fit a wide range of mouth sizes. In order to use the trays, first, immerse them in hot water (after removing from the stove). This makes the trays malleable so that when you put them in your mouth they take the shape of your teeth adjusting perfectly.

Plus, mouth trays ensure that every tooth gets covered and you get a perfect white smile.

The Smartsmile Kit contains 2 10 ml syringes containing whitening gels. The key component of the gels is 35% Carbamide Peroxide. It is a widely used dental bleaching agent and so it always satisfactory results.

Along with that, there are various other compounds that help to strengthen and protect your teeth. The treatment procedure is very simple. After softening the thermoform trays, apply a drop of the whitening gel to them and simply put it in your mouth.

Be careful to not overfill the trays, as the gel is not meant for gums and may cause irritation. Follow this process for 5-15 minutes on a regular basis, and you will see considerable result from the first few tries. The gel has no aftertaste, unlike other dental bleaching agents. The Kit is meant for 20 treatments and after that, you are sure to own a bright white smile.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • The trays are adaptable to all types of teeth.
  • These strips need to be applied for 5 – 15 minutes only.
  • The price is another plus point of this kit.
  • These are good for 20 treatments.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • Again, high percentage of Carbamide causes sensitivity.
  • Doesn’t fair too well for people with braces.

9. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

AuraGlow-Teeth-Whitening-KitThe AuraGlow is probably the most sought after teeth whitening kit if you go by teeth whitening kit reviews all-around. It has got the best quality of items that give the best quality of results. AuraGlow deserves a little bit of exaggeration. This kit contains two 5 ml syringes that contain 35% Carbamide Peroxide gel, a mouth tray with a case, one LED Light accelerator and a user guide.

The gel formula can remove any kind of tough stains. It is safe for the enamel and does not induce any sensitivity. Plus, this AuraGlow gel not only whitens the teeth but also polishes them. The two syringes contain enough gel for 20 treatments. Use it for 30 minutes every day and on a regular basis to achieve desired whitening results.

The AuraGlow Kit contains a single mouth tray, which can accommodate both the upper and lower teeth at the same time. The tray is made of BPA-Free silicone, which does not require any molding or boiling. The soft and easily adaptable mouth tray is made to fit everybody.

AuraGlow has designed their mouth tray in such a way that the LED Light accelerator fits well in front of it. So after fitting the LED light, apply whitening gel on both the top and bottom of the tray. And then slowly insert it in your mouth. The LED light beeps every ten minutes, which helps you to keep a track of your treatment’s duration. There are 5 LED lights in the accelerator that deliver maximum whitening effect.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • A gluten-free gel; so no chances of allergies.
  • It removes plaques from your teeth and stains too.
  • This is one product that people can use with caps, braces and even with veneers.
  • Sensitivity is not a problem with this kit.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • Good things come with great prices; this is one.
  • Using this thing may be a bit tricky for first timers.

10. Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light

Crest-3D-White-Whitestrips-with-LightAll right, people, we’ve reached the end of our “Best Teeth Whitening Kits” list and Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light is the last product I am advocating for. These are perhaps the best teeth whitening strips that come with LED lights.

Crest 3D claims to be the fastest treatment method when it comes to at-home dental whitening kits. This thing is lightweight and easy to handle for everybody at home. People can operate this thing using their hands. Also, this device is water resistant. So, you don’t have to fear this one malfunctioning.

The basic thing is quite simple, apply the strips and wait for 10-15 minutes like I mentioned in each of my short reviews before. But the “Blue LED” is an added perk that the product comes with. Now, we know, the strips can whiten your teeth just fine. But the LED lights can penetrate the outer layer of your teeth and make sure the age-old stains are gone.

Be sure to apply the strips first. You have the “Automatic Shut Off” feature that does what the name suggests and shuts the device once cleaning is finished. Each package is good for 10 treatments. Once people use the last strip, they should discard the device.

Unlike most strips, the results of the treatment last for a whopping 36 months before you need to visit your dentist again.

Things I Liked about This Product
  • This one provides the same style of treatment that you’d get from a dentist.
  • You can expect results within 10 days of using.
  • Automatic Shut off saves battery.
  • The whiteness of your teeth lasts longer.
Things I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • Again, it comes with a high price tag attached.

How Did I Choose these Teeth Whitening Kits?

This must be a question lingering in your mind. Well, you must judge the quality with the help of few factors. These are what we’re discussing as a part of this section.

Is Your Choice Easy to Use?

You must consider this aspect right when you are buying these products. You don’t want something that takes hours to apply and involves tedious work to clean after use. The kit should be effective and the procedure of applying should be quick.

That is where the teeth whitening strips come along. My advice is to buy best teeth whitening kit that takes 10 – 30 minutes of time. No, you don’t need to prepare it like the “Gel Based” ones. These come prepared.

Do You Have Sensitivity Issues?

If the answer is yes, proceed carefully. It is always good to know what the Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide levels are of the product you choose. People might not tell you this but having 6 – 14% of Hydrogen Peroxide in your teeth whitening kit is necessary for it to work.

If the percentage is higher than what I mentioned, it can cause problems to the enamel of your teeth. Also, for sensitivity problems, it is best to avoid products that claim to work faster than average time.

Look at the Time it Takes to Complete the Treatment

People prefer these products when they want the treatment done at home. Even when you are in a meeting, quick whitening job maybe the order of the day. For these tasks, you can pick a whitening strip ahead of the gel-based ones.

You get the idea that every one of these kits is excellent when it comes to working fast. I chose products that can do the job in 30 minutes to an hour.

Keep Track of the Budget

You must keep track of the budget that you want to spend for these things. I found LED teeth whitening kits particularly expensive. But none of the products should cost you more than 100 dollars. Actually, it is less than 100 dollars. Best Teeth Whitening Kits generally cost around 20 to 70 dollars.

Final Words

I’ll be honest with you; I am glad that I got to finish this humongous guide. Another bit of honesty is that it pretty much boils down to personal choice when it comes to choosing the best teeth whitening kit for different people. But just to make sure that you make the right choices, I did my best to give you an idea about the best in the business with the buying guide. The choice is yours.